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Clearly ahead of the game

Decorative accessories? No thanks.

ok. is all about functionality. That’s why our customers appreciate the high-quality workmanship and ease of use of our products. In combination with our timeless designs and prices that make your bank account breathe a sigh of relief, you can see why ok. is many people’s first choice for modern household appliances.

Best value for money
Simple, functional design
Ease of use
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Sustainability at ok.

Our high-performance household appliances will save you lots of time and energy – in every sense of the word. After all, our washing machines and tumble dryers are paving the way to a more sustainable future with solid efficiency ratings. And our refrigerators and freezers also impress with environmentally friendly technology and low running costs.

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Have you purchased an ok. product and need more information? Download our documents to find out more.

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ok. – the brand

Functionality is everything for ok. As a private label for MediaMarkt Saturn, we don’t waste our time on gaudy gadgets and fancy features. Instead, we focus on the essentials – the smooth functioning of your products. We ensure durability at affordable prices. This functional mentality is also reflected by our timeless design. If you share our pragmatic outlook on life, ok. is definitely the right choice for you.

The diversity of our range is matched by its usefulness: If you’re on the hunt for affordable appliances for your kitchen, living room, bathroom or household, ok. will always have the right products for you.